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The Reinhold Cohn Group (RCG) is the earliest and leading Intellectual Property consulting firm in Israel. The firm operates in all IP areas such as patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, open source, plant breeders’ rights, etc. RCG offers the full range of Intellectual Property consulting services including – protection, asset management, due diligence, litigation & Legal services.

Our Intellectual Property foundations of professionalism and excellence, outlined 87 years ago by
Dr. Reinhold Cohn, have evolved and advanced over the years, and have established Reinhold Cohn as the leading Intellectual Property firm in Israel – the focal point for inventors and entrepreneurs to promote innovation in Israel.

The Group includes:
The Intellectual Property attorneys firm Reinhold Cohn & Partners ,which carries out the  IP procurement work and the law firm Gilat, Bareket & Co., which carries out the litigation and licensing activity.

200+ Over 200 Employees
50+ Over 50 patent attorneys and attorneys at law

The synergy between patent attorneys, experienced in a wide and diverse spectrum of technological and scientific disciplines working and legal professionals, creates a unique and effective platform for maximizing the value of clients’ Intellectual Property assets.

RCG and its team of professionals are internationally renowned for excellence and are repeatedly ranked in the top tiers in leading international and local guides such as:

Comprehensive services
at a one-stop-shop

As a full-service intellectual property firm, the Group provides its clients with a very broad spectrum of services in the field of IP including filing, prosecution, enforcement, opinion work, due diligence, advising, asset management and commercialization, litigation and licensing of patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and plant breeders’ rights.

Through the diversity of its professional staff RCG can offer a multi-disciplinary approach to its clients and serve as a one-stop-shop for all their intellectual property needs.

And indeed, RCG takes pride in the diversity of its clients, which include multi-national companies and corporations operating in Israel, small and large Israeli companies, public companies that are traded on NASDAQ and other stock exchanges, academic institutions, start-up companies, private and institutional investors, scientists and individual inventors.

Professional Practices

Life Sciences & Chemistry that operates in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical compositions, medical device and instruments, molecular biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, agriculture, nanotechnology, biochemistry, pharmacology, food technology, diagnostics, water technology, green-tech and other related fields.

Hi-Tech that operates in computers hardware and software, computer-based inventions, electrical engineering and electronics, electro-optics, cellular technology, databases, multi- and digital-media, integrated systems and processes, semiconductor devices and processes, communications and telecommunications, Internet, computer-based business methods, storage, etc.

Mechanics & Technology that operates in the fields of mechanics and engineering and specializes in various engineering domains such as automotive, aerospace, maritime and materials.  Other expertise are optics, medical devices and equipment, agricultural and water technologies, consumer products, packaging and handling of merchandise and materials, military technologies, dentistry, etc.

Physics that operates in the fields of optics, electro-optics, acoustics, electrical engineering, optical communication, optical and electronic information storage, semiconductor-based technologies, medical devices, nanotechnology, and many others.

Medical Devices Practice is an interdisciplinary field combining various areas of expertise, including engineering, life science, physics, electronics, material science, software, pharmaceuticals and others. This field demands an innovative multidisciplinary approach and therefore ad hoc teams of professionals are typically formed to handle specific projects, each one handling the aspects within their technological area of expertise.

Trademarks that provides strategic planning and legal protection related to selection of trademarks and their proper use, implementation and management of international trademark portfolios for local and international clients.  In addition to trademark filing, prosecution and registration, the group handles domain name registration, drafts trademark-related agreements, and maintains worldwide trademark watches.

Designs that specializes in protection of ornamental designs and deploys a selection of strategies for filing designs, occasionally often alongside patent applications pertaining to the same subject matter, in order to consider all aspects of protection and enforcement of respective rights.

Legal Practice that operates as Gilat, Bareket & Co. and that provides the entire gamut of IP legal services including litigation, enforcement of IP rights, IP-related agreements, franchising, due diligence.

“Tailor Made” Services

The Reinhold Cohn Group serves a wide range of Israeli companies as well as companies from all over the world in a diverse spectrum of fields. The Reinhold Cohn Group gained extensive knowledge and experience allowing it to offer effective IP protection strategies which consider Intellectual Property assets against the background of the underlying business strategy. As a direct result, for many of our clients, their patents, trademarks, designs and other IP rights become their most important business asset.

The strategic consulting offered to the group’s clients always takes into consideration present and future budgetary constraints and the ever-changing needs of companies in various development and business phases.

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