June 28, 2015

Online Searches of Registered Designs in Israel

Sa'ar Alon, Partner, Head of Designs Practice
Sa'ar Alon

Partner, Head of Designs Practice

Reinhold Cohn & Partners

The Israel Patent Office has launched a new online database and search engine of registered designs qualified for publication.

Until recently, the only option for searching through registered designs in Israel was through the use of a computer terminal located at the Israel Patent Office (ILPO) in Jerusalem. In response to a growing demand for such searches, the ILPO has launched a new online database and search engine of registered designs that are qualified for publication.

Due to a peculiarity in the Israeli design legislation, there is a two-year blackout period following registration during which designs are not open for public inspection. However, if petitioned to do so, the Registrar may allow a search of registered designs that are still in the blackout period1.

The database includes all updated information on registered designs whose blackout period has lapsed, and includes both active and expired designs. To date, searches for registered designs still in the blackout period require a specific petition and manual review of the files at the ILPO.

The information in the online database is available in both Hebrew and English, and searches can be carried out based on different parameters, such as proprietor name, number, title, class, filing date, priority details, etc. The search engine is available at the following web address: https://designsearch.justice.gov.il.

The new ILPO database and search engine of registered designs will allow interested parties to easily and efficiently gain access to information of over 25,000 registered and expired designs.

1 Grounds for such petition include freedom-to-operate searches and others. The petition should identify the names of the individual who will be inspecting theses registered designs and their obligation not to pass the representation of the design or parts thereof or any other information with which it is possible to recreate to design or parts thereof to persons not authorized by the Registrar.

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