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In recent days the design of a product, packaging and advertising have become crucial elements in the solidifying and branding of companies worldwide. The department comprises professional staff who have  gained many years of experience in the handling of design applications in Israel and abroad. The design department specializes in consulting its clients on optimal means to protect designs, in selection of strategies and tactics for filing designs, occasionally alongside drafting patent applications pertaining to the same subject matter, in order to consider all aspects of protection and enforcement of respective rights.

The department's professional staff specialize in preparing design patent applications, including the preparation of necessary drawings, in accordance with the various official requirements in Israel and abroad, and complying with the strategy and needs of the client.

The department consults leading Israeli and international institutions and foundations as well as many industrial companies  of the design sector.

Another benefit is the synergism of the patent attorneys of the department working alongside legal professionals of Gilat, Bareket & Co., creating a unique and effective platform for maximizing returns on a client's Intellectual Property assets by securing optimal protection.

Go to the Quick Guide to Registering Designs in Israel: Frequently Asked Questions

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Patents, Mechanics & Technology, Medical Devices, Designs
Senior Partner, Head of Department
Mechanics & Technology, Designs
Partner, Manager of Designs Department

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