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Due Diligence & Transactions

In the past two decades we note a dramatic increase in awareness and understanding of the vital part Intellectual property plays in the modern economy as a central element of construction and preservation of value.

Subsequently, there has been a sharp increase in the importance of Intellectual Property as a key element in technology-based transactions. Thus, there is eminent importance for professional Intellectual Property experts to intermediate such transactions.
An important aspect of the Reinhold Cohn Group's activities is to accompany as well as negotiate, transactions and contracts, including due diligence proceedings, which are conducted as a basis for various investments, in order to assess Intellectual Property value.

In recent years, the group has conducted numerous transactions between Israeli and international companies, to the extent of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Patents, Life Science & Chemistry, Medical Devices, Nanotechnology, Trade In IP, Due Diligence
Senior Partner, Head of Department
Copyrights, Plant Breeders' Rights, Due Diligence, Open Source, Trade Secrets
Senior Partner
Due Diligence
Senior Partner
Patents, Mechanics & Technology, Medical Devices, Due Diligence
Senior Partner, Head of Department
Patents, Hi-Tech, Medical Devices, Due Diligence

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