Apr 12 2021 Zoom, 11:00 AM

How to manage your startup IP & FOSS?

Join us for a Webinar that will discuss two hot topics for startups: Intellectual Property (IP), and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS):

  • Shattering the myth – why patenting software is possible and fundamental
  • How IP can assist in achieving various business goals and gaining a competitive edge
  • The ‘do’s and don’ts’ of planning and executing an IP strategy
  • Common pitfalls in FOSS management
  • FOSS licenses and security – enforcements
  • FOSS risk domains and use-cases
  • FOSS governance program and its benefits
  • FOSS program, where to start

The speakers:


Ehud Hausman                                             Yaniv Ozerzon                                      Zvika Ronen
Patent Attorney and Advocate                 CEO                                                        CTO
Head of Hi-Tech Practice                           FossAware                                             FossAware
Reinhold Cohn Group


About Reinhold Cohn Group:

The Reinhold Cohn Group (RCG) is the earliest and leading Intellectual Property consulting firm in Israel, representing Israel’s most promising startups, and leading multinational corporations for more than 85 years.


About FossAware:

FossAware services and consultancy assists organizations of all sizes to manage Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) associated risks and minimize costs of correction, by designing and implementing FOSS governance program.

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