Thomas Reuters: Global Guide: Patent litigation

The Q&A guide gives a high level overview of patent disputes, including sources of law; court systems; substantive law; parties to litigation; enforcement options; competition and anti-trust issues; procedure in civil courts; preliminary relief; final remedies; appeal procedure; litigation...
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World Trademark Review: Designs A Global Guide

A simple, easy-to-use guide covering main issues involved in the protection, enforcement and exploitation of designs. David Gilat, Senior Partner at our Group, and Sa’ar Alon, Manager of the Designs practice, authored the chapter on Israel.
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Wolters Kluwer: Antibody Patenting: A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution...

Antibody Patenting provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of all aspects relating to the patenting of antibodies from initial drafting and prosecution to enforcement. David Gilat, Senior Partner at our Group  Co. and Dr. Mirit Lotan, Partner at our Group, authored the chapter on Israel.
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Chambers & Partners: Patent Litigation

The Patent Litigation 2019 guide provides expert legal commentary on key issues for businesses. The guide covers the important developments in the most significant jurisdictions. Eran Bareket, Senior Partner at Gilat Bareket & Co. authored the chapter on Israel.
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