June 24, 2013

Official visit of the Philippines Patent Commissioner to Reinhold Cohn Group Offices

The Director General of the Intellectual Property Office of Philippines (IPOPHIL) , Adv. Ricardo R. Blancaflor visited Israel in June, in order to strengthen the commercial, scientific and technological ties between the countries and to promote cooperation and progress in the field of Intellectual Property protection in the Philippines.

Recently he achieved tremendous progress in cases which handled anti-counterfeiting issues and also built several authorities to handle these issues in the Philippines.

During his visit, he meet with the Registrar of Patents & Trademarks (director general of the Intellectual Property office of Israel) and representatives of the Asia-Israel Chamber of Commerce as well as meeting with senior patent attorneys and advocates of Reinhold Cohn Group, Gilat, Bareket & Co.

After his position as an attorney at one of the largest Law firms in the Philippines, Ricardo R. Blancaflor was appointed undersecretary at the Department of Justice, where he was also the Acting Chairman of the Inter Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) and Spokesperson of the Anti-Terrorism Council. During his visit he said: “In the past I pursue Terrorists and today I pursue Counterfeiters”.

In the above picture from right to left: Iris Gamaro, Head of Asia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Ron Doron, Head of the Israel-Philippines Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Bossmat Gonen, Managing Partner, Reinhold Cohn Group, Ricardo R. Blancaflor, Director General of the Intellectual Property Office of Philippines, Adv. Roy Kornick, senior partner, Gilat, Bareket & Co., Reinhold Cohn Group, Dr. Mirit Lotan & Dr. Ronnie Benshafrut, partners of Reinhold Cohn Group.

Picture taken by Joseph Rozhenko.


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