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Presently, almost any entity that deals with programming inevitably makes use of Open Source software. Such Open Source is subject to numerous and various types of user licenses. In many cases, management of Open Source in the business sector is not well handled, and in some cases even ignored. One of the reasons stems from the fact that the issue of Open Source is one that requires both legal and technological knowledge and understanding. 

As the largest and earliest established Intellectual Property firm in Israel, we at Reinhold Cohn Group offer various services, including litigation and consultancy services in connection with Open Source. Our consultancy services include amongst others, assessment of Open Source usage, Open Source Due Diligence processes and preparation thereto and development of comprehensive tailor made Open Source Policies for our clients.

Reinhold Cohn Group's Open Source professional team integrates highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in a wide range of relevant fields. Thus, in this field as well, the close cooperation between the Attorneys of Gilat, Bareket & Co. working alongside the Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law of Reinhold Cohn & Partners, all with technological education, gives our firm the advantage,  enabling it to provide custom-made services in this highly complex field.

Copyrights, Plant Breeders' Rights, Due Diligence, Open Source, Trade Secrets
Senior Partner
Patents, Hi-Tech, Medical Devices, Trade In IP, Open Source
Senior Partner, Head of Department

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