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Edith Sokol

Edith Sokol

  • Partner
  • Patent Attorney
  • Patents: Life Science & Chemistry

M.Sc. (Chemical Engineering), 2008, and MBA (international), 2010, both from the Technion.

B.Sc. (Materials engineering), and B.A. (Chemistry), 2002, both from the Technion.


Edith has been a senior R&D engineer in the Israeli industry for a decade, and has extensive experience in all fields of materials science and chemistry, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, synthesis and production of polymers, metallurgy, ceramics, composites, nanotechnology and explosives.

Edith specializes in chemical engineering and process development, encompassing scale-up and manufacturing of industrial chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceutics, development and production of structural engineering components, water technologies, medical devices, and more.

Edith is experienced in intellectual property portfolio management and strategic counseling.

Association of Israel Patent Attorneys.
Hebrew, English, German (partial), French (partial).

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