Dr. Silvy Wainschtein

Patent Attorney Reinhold Cohn & Partners


  • Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, 2015, Tel Aviv University.
  • M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, 2009, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Silvy studied and developed cardiac glycoside Analogues in her Ph.D. research and chiral switches of drugs in her M.Sc. research.

After completing her Ph.D. studies Silvy has served as an R&D researcher in the agricultural industry in the fields of polymers synthesis, coating processes of controlled release fertilizer, and different aspects of biodegradation.

Silvy is a registered patent attorney in Israel since 2019; she joined the Reinhold Cohn Group in 2021.

Silvy has gained experience in the field of organic chemistry, including chiral drugs, organic synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives, cannabis technologies, and renewable energy.

Silvy handles various aspects of patent applications such as drafting of patent applications and patent prosecution in both local and international jurisdictions for Israeli clients, and patent prosecution at the Israeli Patent office for international clients. Silvy has gained experience in drafting opinions regarding patentability and conducting IP due diligence.


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  • Association of Israel Patent Attorneys
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