Yossi Kravetz

Partner, Patent Attorney Reinhold Cohn & Partners


  • M.Sc. Biotechnology, 2002, Bar Ilan University
  • B.Sc. combined Life Sciences and Comp, 2000, Bar Ilan University


With close to 15 years of experience in the world of Intellectual Property, Yossi is always amazed and eager to meet new innovators of technology, whether entrepreneurs, start-ups, or leading corporates.
Yossi specializes in patent portfolio management, including patent drafting and prosecution, in a wide range of technological fields such as software, hardware, medical devices, electronics, physics, and bioinformatics. Specifically, in the field of computer related inventions, Yossi has experience in a variety of technologies, including communication, signal processing, image processing, cyber-security, Block-chain, computer vision, machine learning, etc.

Yossi is also extensively experienced in providing opinions related to IP matters, such as Freedom-to-Operate and patentability, formulation and management of offensive and defensive IP strategy, IP litigation, management, and IP Due Diligence, for example before acquisition or investment.

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  • Association of Israel Patent Attorneys
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