Declaration of Accessibility

At the Reinhold Cohn Group (Reinhold Cohn & Partners and Gilat, Bareket & Co.),
providing our clients with the best and most professional service possible, is of importance to us.

To make this happen, we are working to make adjustments which will enable accessibility for our clients with disabilities, using both direct and digital channels, with the aim of helping them improve their quality of life, and allowing them to integrate into society with dignity, equality, and independence.

These adjustments are made subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law (5758-1998), and its regulations.

Accessibility Arrangements

Accessibility arrangements at Reinhold Cohn’s premises:

Address: 26A Habarzel Street, Tel Aviv, 6971037

Disabled parking: Available at the nearby (paid) parking lots, including for larger vehicles:
Ha-Arad parking lot:
Parking address: Ha-Arad 2 Tel Aviv-Yafo
HaNehoshet parking lot:
Parking address: HaNehoshet 1A Tel Aviv-Yafo

Access routes to the building: Free of obstacles – accessible (enter from the ground floor entrance through the building’s lobby).

Disabled bathrooms: There are accessible bathrooms, both on the ground floor and on the 5th floor.

Wide passageways: Readily available.

Signage with directions: Available.

Accessible workstation: Available.

Alternative contact methods, such as SMS or email, are available for individuals who have impaired hearing.


Website Accessibility
An accessible website is one which individuals with disabilities and senior citizens can browse just as efficiently and conveniently as any other user.

Information on website accessibility

This website complies with the requirements of the regulations of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Adjustments for accessible service) Law, 5773-2013.

The accessibility adjustments have been made according to the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (IS 5568) for Accessible Internet Content at Level AA and the international WCAG2.0 document.

It has been tested for the greatest possible compatibility with the Chrome browser.

The website provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and supports the accepted framework for operation using the keyboard (with the arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows). See “Operating the Site” for details.

The site is adapted for display on the most common browsers, and for use on cellphones.

The website was adapted for accessibility by the Israeli Center for Site Accessibility.

Operating the Site and Accessibility Aids

  • Accessibility menu – You will find an accessibility menu at the top of the page allowing you to:
    1. Change the font size.
    2. Change the color contrast.
    3. Skip directly to the content of the page, the main menu, and the Search bar using the keyboard.
    4. Stop movement of text and images to reduce overload and distractions.
    5. Highlight links.
    6. Switch to “screen reader” mode.
    7. Switch to “keyboard navigation” mode.
    8. Change the text to a more readable font.
    9. Send feedback to the Accessibility Supervisor.
  • All actions on the site may be performed using the keyboard, as follows: Press the Tab key to jump to the next link, and press Enter to activate the link. Press Shift-Tab to jump to the previous link.
  • Adjustments for users with visual impairment – the site is adapted for the use of screen-reading programs. The website includes:
  • Headings
  • Alternative text (alt text) for images
  • Division of the site into a navigation section and a main content section, with the option of swapping between them.
  • Use of ARIA to improve screen readers’ interpretive capability.

For an optimal browsing experience with a screen-reading program, we recommend using the most up to date NVDA version of the program.

Contact methods for requests and suggestions for improvement on the topic of accessibility

If, while browsing this site, you encounter an accessibility issue, we would be delighted to receive your comments via the contact form on the site.

Contact Information

Name: Tal Elkarif

Telephone: 03-7109425


Date declaration updated: 30/12/2020

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