A Special Communication to Our Friends Worldwide

Dear friends,

We thank the hundreds of clients and colleagues from all over the world for their words of support and encouragement and for expressing their shock and feelings of abhorrence, pursuant to the atrocities committed by Hamas against civilians, including babies, toddlers, women, and men, young as well as elderly people, who were slaughtered and abducted with incomprehensible cruelty on a Jewish holy day.

We are full of gratitude for your messages of solidarity, which are very meaningful to us. It strengthens us as individuals, as a community, and as a state in our standing against such despicable evil. We are also thankful for the governments and NGOs that clearly and unequivocally condemned Hamas’ inhumane acts against the most sacred human values of Western societies.

Families and communities were shattered beyond repair, and our nation is in mourning. Nonetheless, our people stand strong, and we witness amazing acts of heroism and mutual care. Israel now demonstrates its resilience as a country that aspires to life. Citizens from all over our country have immediately organized, building on the Israeli private sector entrepreneurship spirit, to assist those affected.

In addition to Israel’s southern frontier against Hamas, we are also threatened these days from the northern border by Hizbollah, another Iran-supported terror organization whose force is even stronger than Hamas, and like Hamas, its aim is the destruction of the State of Israel. We are confident that we shall prevail.

It is now imminent to destroy Hamas’ infrastructure to ensure that such atrocities will not happen again. We all have family members or friends who were called up to the army to that end. Thousands of young Israelis around the globe immediately traveled back to Israel to join their units. We pray that the hostages – the babies, children, elderly, and young women and men – be freed soon. We also pray for the swift destruction of Hamas powers and the safe return of all our dear ones who take part in this war. It is not a coincidence that Hamas launched its heinous attack while historic peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Israel were taking place, and the war will not divert Israel from its ultimate goal of living in peace beside its neighbors.

Despite the situation, which includes massive missile attacks on more remote cities like Tel Aviv, at Reinhold Cohn, we continue with extra vigor to perform our tasks to ensure that our serving of our clients is not compromised. You should not hesitate to contact us, thinking that your needs are a burden to us at such times. On the contrary, attending to your needs assists our recuperation. We are fully capable of carrying out all tasks, and as the largest intellectual property law firm in Israel, we have also offered assistance to colleagues in Israel through the Patent Attorneys Association.

Your continued support is much appreciated, as it helps us to maintain our morale and to feel that we are not alone in this. Should it be possible for you to assist our struggle further, any supporting action would be welcome. For example, as the Hamas terror organization has now begun a misleading campaign of fake news, denying the atrocious acts its members have committed, you may find on your own initiative (on the web) evidence of the despicable crimes of Hamas. It would also be helpful for our cause if you could help spread awareness of the atrocities that Hamas is committing against the Palestinian population, whom they use as human shields. We are certain that any person in the Western world trying to remain uninvolved is not aware of the fact that such crimes, if not stopped at the outset, may knock on his or her door one day.

As was proved on October 7, 2023, western values of morality do not play any role within organizations like Hamas, Hizbollah, or the Iranian regime, whose goal is the destruction of Israel, which in their eyes is seen as the spearhead of the western world in the Middle East. Any attempt to equate the atrocities of Hamas with the right of Israel to defend its existence betrays the truth. Similarly, any attempt to find justification for the barbaric, premeditated, and carefully planned atrocities committed by Hamas against civilians undermines the core values of universal human rights.

No goal, no circumstance, can justify such crimes.

If you are willing to learn more about the events, please visit the links appearing after the signature below.


Thank you for your support.


Eran Bareket, Managing Partner

Reinhold Cohn and Partners


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*The list is subject to change on the online version of this message.


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