IP Transactions & Licensing

The value of intellectual property has risen dramatically in recent years, such that it has become a commercial currency in its own right. New players have emerged in the field, including companies that specialize in acquiring patents and other intellectual property rights for the purpose of registration for others, or to use them to enforce rights and therefore accrue benefits. Additionally, in lieu of self-development efforts, there is an increasing trend for technology developers to acquire patent rights and use them for their own business purposes.
Intellectual property in general, and patents in particular, have therefore become commercial goods, and the international trade of these assets, including sale or grant of license, has grown significantly.

Realizing the importance of such trade and the potential benefits for our clients, Reinhold Cohn Group has become a very active player in this field.  Our intellectual property commercialization services include brokering intellectual property transactions between clients and buyers, sellers, licensees, and license holders. Reinhold Cohn Group’s activity in the commercialization of intellectual property supplements our clients’ business development activities by providing another method for reaping the benefits of intellectual property.

The in-depth knowledge of patent attorneys of the department and the synergism of the legal professionals of Gilat, Bareket & Co., create a unique and optimal platform for a client’s intellectual property communalization of transactions.

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