Optics is one of the most explored and researched branches of science. Optical research comprises various utilities, including vision support and enhancement, as well as the use of optical techniques in other research fields, which include imaging, electro-optics, and inspection techniques.

Research in the field of optics can take many directions, such as correcting vision impediments, providing tools for image display, or virtual or augmented reality, imaging techniques, optical communication, and various optical measurement devices. The properties of light also project onto additional fields of research, ranging from non-optical electromagnetic radiation, acoustic and ultra-sonic signals, to quantum phenomena.

The Reinhold Cohn professional team is comprised of experienced patent attorneys, holding advanced academic degrees in physics and electrical engineering. Their extensive scientific background, together with vast experience in drafting patent applications for optics related technologies, allows for a deep understanding of the technology underlying and maximization of the Group’s clients’ IP rights. Counseling takes into consideration the entire range of IP rights, including designs and trademarks, if applicable, to ensure comprehensive IP protection.

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