The firm  was founded by the late Dr. Reinhold Cohn in 1934. Having first emigrated to Palestine (the name of the country under the British Mandate at the time) in 1925, motivated by strong Zionist ideas, and serving as faculty member in the newly-established Hebrew University, Dr. Reinhold Cohn understood that the future state would lie in industry. Recognizing that industry needs also patent attorneys he went back to Berlin to study this profession.

In 1933, with the rise to power of the Nazi party in Germany, Reinhold left Germany and in 1934 returned to Palestine and founded his firm on May 1st of that year. The firm was built on strong foundations of professionalism, quality and ethics, while striving for excellence in servicing clients. The high professional standards laid down by Dr. Cohn won international prestige and were the foundations for the firm’s growth and success.

These very high standards continued to guide the firm when the helm passed from the  Dr. Reinhold Cohn to his son,  Dr. Michael Cohn and his partner the Israel Shachter. This legacy was the beacon that was handed down to the third generation with the expansion of the firm to the current Reinhold Cohn Group, including its two operating arms: Reinhold Cohn & Partners and Gilat, Bareket & Co.

Dr. Reinhold Cohn was also a humanist and liberal person and brought these values to the creation of the special Reinhold Cohn Spirit and Family that are still proudly carried by all the Group’s members till this day.

Dr. Reinhold Cohn Dr. Reinhold Cohn
Israel Shechter Israel Shechter
Michael Cohen Michael Cohen


The Reinhold Cohn Group continues its founding father’s legacy and heritage. Dr. Reinhold Cohn was deeply committed to supporting the Technological industry in Israel by way of protecting Intellectual Property assets and providing the highest standards of service side-by-side with strict adherence to noble virtues of professional ethics. The Reinhold Cohn Group continues this heritage on to its ninth decade.

The firm grew rapidly paralleling the development and consequent economic growth of the State of Israel. The firm, under the leadership of Dr. Reinhold Cohn and, later, his son Dr. Michael Cohn and Mr. Israel Shachter, has preserved and continues to reinforce its place among the professional elite in Israel and abroad.

Today, under the guidance of the third generation, the Reinhold Cohn Group endeavors to meet the challenges of rapid global change, and continues to be inspired by Dr. Reinhold Cohn’s example of precision, foresight, integrity and excellence.


The vision of the group is a natural extension of its founder’s legacy. Reinhold Cohn Group strives to lead the field of intellectual property protection in order to progress and assist the technological industry of the State of Israel and its clients. The group will continue to serve the interests of its clients with integrity and excellence.

In recent years, more than ever in the past, there has been an increased awareness of the rising value of intellectual property, such that it has become a commercial currency in its own right, which is to be preserved and protected. The Reinhold Cohn Group will maintain its successful development of intellectual property strategies that rely on forecasting the future of technology and interpretation of new markets, in order to provide its clients with comprehensive, multi-purpose, and long-term service of the highest standards.

Intellectual Property, in the eyes of our firm, is a meeting point of concepts, opportunities, and people. They all come together to weave and execute new ideas, convert companies into strong leading entities and change reality. Demarcation and protection form the basis which facilitates sharing and learning, in order to elevate inventions and to achieve technological and business goals.

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