Nanotechnology is coming of age as a major technological field that is posed to revolutionize many areas of modern development including medicine, material sciences, microelectronics and many others. Nanotechnology research and development is multidisciplinary by its very nature and involves a variety of technology disciplines ranging from physics and electronics to chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology.

Nanotechnology research is mostly not one into a basic science question but is rather carried out with a view onto the market and is directed to practical applications. Thus, at the very start of the research and development activities, commercial circumstances and business considerations need to be taken into account. Among them is the need to ensure patent protection on the fruits of the research and development endeavors.

Given the inherent multidisciplinary nature of the nanotechnology research and development, a broad and multidisciplinary scientific and technology perspective needs to be applied in handling related patent matters. Thus, while in many fields patent matters may be addressed by patent professionals from a well defined science and technology discipline, this is not so in the case of nanotechnology.

The Reinhold Cohn Group has established a multidisciplinary team of professionals with diverse science and technology background including physics, chemistry, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. Through the handling of many nanotechnology patent cases the RC&P professional team has gained the necessary experience needed to service its clients in this complex technology field.

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