Rights holders can be seriously damaged financially from counterfeits being imported and distributed, designs and works being copied, trademarks being used deceitfully and other intellectual property infringements. An enforcement strategy built on using extensive knowledge, experience and a combination of various enforcement measures is essential in preventing, stopping and minimizing damage from such vulnerabilities.

The Enforcement Department of Gilat, Bareket & Co. develops an anti-counterfeiting strategy for its clients that is line with their intellectual property strategy and provides IP-law enforcement and representation services in this field before the courts and law enforcement officials.

The department works in close cooperation with state authorities (including Israeli customs and police) toward preventing infringing products, counterfeits and imitations from being imported and distributed in Israel and areas under the Palestinian Authority.

The department is also active in enforcement with respect to the distribution of counterfeits over the internet, which has become fertile ground for such illicit activity.

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