Renewable Energy

Solar power, wind turbines, waves and other renewable energy techniques require understanding in various technological fields. Collection of solar energy integrates optical and electro-optical aspects with engineering of photovoltaic materials and semiconductor designs. Fluid dynamics and weather predictions are used for optimizing design and location of wind turbines.

The increasing demand for renewable energy and green technologies in recent years has resulted in significant growth of this market. Such a dynamic and competitive field requires well defined protection of technologies by patents and other Intellectual Property rights.  Besides blocking competitors and enhancing their competitive edge, companies with a strong patent portfolio have higher success rates, gain higher valuations, raise the probability of successful M&A events, and are better protected against competitors. It is also necessary to ensure that a company’s products do not infringe on the Intellectual Property of others, which can have serious consequences.

Our patent attorneys have experience in all ranges of Intellectual Property matters concerning Green Technology and renewable energy, to provide each client’s needs, from both technological and business aspects.

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