Medical Devices

Solid IP rights, including patents, designs and trademarks, play an imperative role in the establishment and growth of companies operating in the multidisciplinary field of medical devices. Medical device technologies require a multidisciplinary technical understanding in a variety of different disciplines including engineering, physics, biology, software and mechanics, to name but few.

Our team of professionals is highly experienced with helping clients navigate in this multidisciplinary and competitive field in order to properly define the innovative technology and devise a corresponding IP strategy as a key tool in the generationnif a significant competitive edge. Our team is also proficient in the diverse legal requirements and practices that one needs to tackle in different countries throughout the world so as to reap full benefit from global market opportunities.

We help our medical device clients throughout all stages of research, development and commercialization, to create and secure a patent portfolio that would be tailored according to the product as well as overall business strategy, be it independent manufacturing and marketing, establishing long-term partnerships with multinational corporations or monetizing IP rights.

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