The Trademark Department specializes in all aspects of registration and protection of trademarks and service marks through the proper registration and use of these marks in Israel and abroad.

The department provides a wide range of professional services to its clients, including strategic and legal counseling relating to selection of trademarks, their proper use, planning and implementation of a trademark portfolio in Israel and worldwide, management of international trademark portfolios for local and international clients, conducting trademark searches to ascertain the degree of freedom to operate under a given mark, assistance in selection of a trademark and opinions regarding criteria for use and procurement, legal consultation with regard to drafting applications, and legal assistance in registration of a trademark with the trademark registrar’s office, domain name registration, drafting trademark-related agreements, conducting searches and watches for tracking competitors and infringements.

The trademarks department of Reinhold Cohn Group has extensive experience of many decades in the protection of trademarks in Israel and abroad and provides comprehensive services to a wide range of clients, ranging from multinational corporations, on the one hand, to start-up companies, on the other hand.

Another benefit is the synergism of the trademark department attorneys working alongside the legal professionals of Gilat, Bareket & Co. creating a unique and effective platform for comprehensive trademark services.


Yes, a trademark licensee must be recorded in the Israeli Trademark Register in order for the license to be valid and for the use of the mark by the licensee to accrue to the registered owner.  This is the case even if the licensor and the licensee are affiliated companies.

The Office offers identical searches (for identical marks, covering all classes), as well as similarity searches (in each class separately). In addition, the Office offers a search by owner’s name (covering all classes). 
Searches may also be conducted in the online computerized database of the Israeli Trademark Office by any person. 

A trademark registration does not automatically lapse due to non-use, and no declaration of use is ever required upon official initiative.  However, if a registered trademark is not used for a consecutive period of three years, or if there was no genuine intent to use it, the registration becomes vulnerable to cancellation on the grounds of non-use, upon request by an interested third party.

Formality issues, classification and wording of the goods and services, inherent registrability (absolute grounds) and prior rights (registered or not; relative grounds).

Marking is not compulsory.  Trademarks may be marked, at will, with the TM symbol (TM), regardless of whether they are registered or not.  Additionally, registered marks may be marked with ®.  Please note, however, that marking of non-registered trademarks with ® is a criminal felony.

These include letters, numerals, words, devices or other symbols or combinations thereof, whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, including labels, shapes of products and packaging, color shades and sounds.

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