Since the time Israel permitted the use of cannabis and its products for human health care, research and investment in the field have soared and positioned Israel as an industry leader. The government’s recognition of cannabis as an agricultural crop for all intents and purposes and the vast knowledge and experience gained by Israeli scientists and companies in cannabis-based research and development has led to more than 50 foreign or international companies basing their industrial research activities in Israel. Alongside these companies, another 50 Israeli companies operate in Israel, the main research being in the medical field.

For several years, the Reinhold Cohn Group has represented a large number of Israeli and foreign companies active in the area of cannabis. An understanding of the markets, changing regulations and features unique to this field distinctively characterizes the diverse set of services the firm provides to its customers. These services include general consultancy in the field and protecting various technologies by way of patents, (industrial) designs, utility models, trademarks, plant breeders’ rights, and more. The firm’s clients active in the cannabis field include prominent players in the medical cannabis industry, investors, plant breeders, manufacturers, research institutions, and entrepreneurs active in the field, both in Israel and abroad.

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