Memes and Copyrights

Donald Trump recently posted a Game of Thrones-style meme on Twitter that included reference to the sanctions against Iran that are set to take effect. The tweet created a stir on social media and generated much reaction. HBO, the show’s producer,...
Read More January 13, 2019

Electronic Signature in Israel

For years we were accustomed to putting our signatures down in handwriting. In recent years, however, other signing methods have creeped into our lives, such as, for instance, signing on electronic screens or different kinds of tablets, using our...
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Patentability and Freedom-To-Operate

Patents play a major role for technology-based, emerging ventures[1]. The manner of handling of patent affairs may often make the difference between unheralded success and colossal failure! Patentability considerations for the purpose of protecting...
Read More November 12, 2018
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